The Perse School
Haworth Tompkins has been commissioned to design a new Performing Arts Centre for The Perse School in Cambridge as the key architectural element of the school's campus. The building includes a 360-seat auditorium, a fully glazed foyer space that incorporates a large day lit rehearsal room and exhibition space. Full back of house facilities are provided, including dressing rooms, workshop and ancillary spaces, along with a suite of 5 new classics classrooms.

The proposal is designed to reconcile the various disparate buildings around the site to create a large central landscaped courtyard with the performing arts centre at its head. The galleried auditorium will provide a beautifully intimate room for dance, theatre, assembly, music and speech, wrapping the audience around the performers, but also allowing a more conventional end on configuration when required. Naturally ventilated throughout, the new building will use a minimum amount of energy in use, creating a productive and creative environment for visitors, pupils and staff.

Contract Details

The Perse School Performing Arts Centre

Address: Hills Road, Cambridge
Completion Date: 2017
Client: The Perse School
Theatre Consultant: Charcoalblue
Services Engineer: Skelly & Couch
Structural Engineer: Price & Myers
Quantity Surveyor: Aecom
Plantsman: The Plant Specialist