Beach House Private House
Royal Academy of Dance Educational Facilities
Welbeck Abbey Gallery
Nottinghamshire, 2012
Kings College Wimbledon Masterplan
Wimbledon, 2012
Exeter College Educational Facilities
Oxford, 2012
State Cinema Listed Cinema
Thurrock, 2010
King Edward's Schools Performing Arts Centre
Birmingham, 2010
The Whitworth Gallery Art Gallery Extension
Manchester, 2009
The University of Kent Centre for Music
Canterbury, 2009
Charleston Barn Auditorium / Visitor Centre
East Sussex, 2009
Friends House Friends House
London, 2009
Kings Cross Office Building
London, 2008
Harper Road Residential
London, 2008
Pocket Housing Residential
London, 2008
James Allen's Girls' School Community Music Centre
London, 2008
Jesus College Auditorium & Sports Centre
Cambridge, 2007
The King's School Teaching & Performance Space
Canterbury, 2007
V&A Theatre Museum Theatre Redevelopment
London, 2006
Reigate Housing Residential
Reigate, 2006
Wormwood Scrubs Masterplan / Residential
London, 2006
Canning Town Site 3 Social Housing
London, 2005
Playhouse Theatre Theatre Redevelopment
Liverpool, 2005
Lausanne Opera House Opera House
Lausanne, 2005
Wansey Street Residential
London, 2005
Edric Hall New Theatre
London, 2004
Balmoral Grove Live / Work Units
London, 2004
Dartford Hub Community Hub
Dartford, 2004
Playhouse Theatre Theatre Redevelopment
Newcastle, 2002
English National Opera Pre-production Facilities
London, 2002
Stonebridge Estate Social Housing
London, 2002
The Turner Centre New Gallery
Margate, 2002
Abu Dhabi Gallery New Art Gallery
Abu Dhabi, 2002
Ovingdean Hall School Performance Space
Brighton, 2001
Royal Society of Arts New entrance areas
London, 2000
Jersey Waterfront Masterplan
Jersey, 2000
Chisenhale Gallery Dance Studios & Gallery
London, 1991