Little Wormwood Scrubs
Little Wormwood Scrubs is one of the most deprived areas in London, and was targeted as one of the Mayor's 100 Spaces for London. Haworth Tompkins were commissioned by Notting Hill Housing Trust and London Borough of Hammersmith to investigate how innovative and sustainable housing along its most neglected edge could help revitalise the park, providing a much-needed sense of community safety while remaining sensitive to the landscape of the park. The design framework emphasised the benefit to the park biodiversity that a sustainable housing design could bring, using passive environmental design and high space standards while minimising the footprint of the housing in order to achieve no net loss of green space.

Contract Details

Little Wormwood Scrubs

Address: London
Completion Date: Feasibility Masterplan 2006
Client: Notting Hill Housing Trust & London Borough of Hammersmith