References, reflections and studies capture the thinking, making and design stages within the studio

Study Trip: Exploring the Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux 
—Embedded into the landscape through its extensive use of columns, the stadium reflects the adjacent trees within the surrounding flat landscape, deliberately contrasting the homogeneity of Bordeaux’s historic centre and aspiring for a sense of openness and accessibility. The grand stair blurs the lines between the boundaries of interior and exterior.
Study Trip: Sarajevo's eclectic communist era housing 
—Standing out in the otherwise muted historic cityscape of old Sarajevo, this postmodernist building was the home of refugees and squatters during the civil war. The dwellings at Papagajka are laid out around a tall and narrow atrium courtyard. The entire ground floor plan is taken up by dual aspect retail and cafes, which activate and connect the courtyard and street, while informal nooks with seating and planters built into the balustrades of the access decks create a feeling of inhabitation and encourage use of the communal space
Study Trip: Exploring Peter Salter’s Walmer Yard 
—The luxurious use of form and materiality gives rise to an exciting and unique space in this tight urban site
On Site: Knights Park moving image studio 
—One of the new moving image studios recently handed over at Kingston School of Art. A re-configured layout makes more efficient use of the existing double height volume at the centre of the building, enabling an expansion of studio provision. An infinity cove and technical grid complete a comprehensive upgrade to these facilities which, like all the workshops within the school, are held in common for all academic courses to access
In Progress: Offsite Fabrication 
—Production of our innovative family homes in Liverpool has started in the factory, based at HMP Hindley. The houses will be assembled on site in approximately 12 hours per unit from pre-fabricated externally finished cassette panels
In the Studio: Roger, Danny and Maria 
—Figuring out how the timber structure of the Den, at the Royal Exchange Manchester, will work with its fabric cover and seating
In Progress: Early Albert Island model 
—Early stage massing model of Albert Island, exploring industrial typologies and layout
On Site: Knights Park photography workshops 
—This recently completed darkroom houses the processing and print equipment at Kingston School of Art. It also includes a pass-through sink to make the transition between darkroom processing and review in the light less cumbersome. These new workshop facilities, largely for analogue processes, are retained as part of strong ethos that believes in a holistic approach to arts education
From The Archive: Testing rooflights under an artificial sky 
—Testing the effectiveness of our rooflight design on this 1:20 model of the Royal College of Art, Battersea. The Bartlett School of Architecture has a lighting simulator that can mimic any time of day
In the Studio: 1:25 Model 
—Testing proposals for a courtyard extension to the Warburg Institute Library. The roof structure has been designed to evoke an elliptical rooflight in the original Warburg Institute in Hamburg. The ellipse is symbolic of Aby Warburg’s intellectual theories behind cosmological freedoms of the mind
On Site: Theatre Royal Drury Lane strip out 
—Demolition progressing on the Grade I listed auditorium ahead of a new, improved geometry
Study Trip: Social Housing 
—Wohnpark Alterlaa, a flourishing social housing neighbourhood in Vienna, a city where 62% of the population live in state funded housing
On Site: Fish Island Village 
—Concrete and steel entry lobby at Fish Island Village
In the Studio: Auditoriums 
—Modelling flexible auditorium layouts
On Site: Creative demolition at Knights Park 
—Temporary props hold up the existing roof in advance of the new steel frame
From The Archive: Cambridge, Massachusetts 
—Early morning at the Carpenter Centre
In the Studio: Gingerbread Housing 
—Gingerbread tower assembly session for the Museum of Architecture at the V&A
On Site: Albert Island 
—A plane lands at London City Airport, seen from our Albert Island site. The relationship to the airport is a key consideration in the masterplan design.
In the Studio: Samples 
—Carpet discussions for Theatre Royal Drury Lane
On Site: Texture 
—Play of light and shadow, mornings at the Bristol Old Vic
Reference: Entrance for Elephants 
—Entrance to the Malmö Stadsteater. Formerly used by elephants
In the Studio: Sketching 
—Overlay sketching on the Warburg Institute visuals
Reference: Handrail 
—Walter Segal handrail, London, 1950, steel and sapele
On Site: Etching Press at Knights Park 
—The etching press is now in the printmaking workshop at the Knights Park campus, Kingston School of Art
On Site: Grand Hall 
—Finishing touches to the Grand Hall plywood lattice ceiling at Battersea Arts Centre
From The Archive: Bridge Theatre light 
—The Bridge Theatre light is a pendant fitting made of copper mesh, each one is unique due to its hand formed nature.
On Site: Precast concrete 
—On-site processing plant for precast concrete paving at Fish Island
Reference: Markings in Porto 
—Planned and unplanned, formal and informal, anarchy versus order.
On Site: Corten steel shutters for the Bristol Old Vic 
—Prototyping waterjet cut artwork based on two interwoven poems. First by David Garrick from the Theatre Royal prologue written in 1766, he also did a spoken work performance to announce the opening of the original theatre. And second by Miles Chambers, former Bristol City Poet.
Study Trip: Porto 
—Alvaro Siza's Bouca Casas Socials, an alternative to British Standards: narrow entrance doors, stepped planting, stepped access and visible clothes drying opportunities.